La tendenza in linea generale è la predilezione nell’indoor training per un pantaloncino con un fondello meno ingombrante rispetto a quelli cui eravamo abituati in passato, ma con...
On the indoor trainer, you almost always ride seated on the saddle. Which type of chamois pad should you choose with what characteristics? I talked about it with Niklas Quetri of ASG BIKE SCIENCE and with Gianluigi Piacentini, product development manager of our dedicated clothing line.

The trend now in general for indoor training is bike shorts with a less bulky pad than compared to those in the past, but with a higher density. This is because, with the hours of use, the material of traditional pads tends to lose its original properties, it crushes and migrates sideways.

“This phenomenon – Niklas Questri explains to me – can cause some problems, both because chafing occurs on the inner part of the thigh, and because there isn’t sufficient amount of material between the ischial bones and the saddle. Instead, a thinner but much denser chamois is much more useful and is developed with cutting-edge technology that does not make it lose its intrinsic characteristics “. Indoor cycling also involves a major modification of the thermoregulation mechanisms. “The body – continues Niklas – produces significantly more sweat, which leads the chamois pads, as well as all clothing, to easily become soaked. The less material there is in the chamois pads, the higher its quality and therefore its yield, the less it will get wet and the less likely it is that it will cause chafing. The density of the materials used, among other things, helps a lot to protect the athlete who, especially during the harder parts of the workout, will tend to slide towards the tip of the saddle “.

For the products of the DF line, we have chosen, with Gianluigi Piacentini, a high performing chamois pad.

“That’s right, the Zenith Gold Edition chamois used in these bike shorts is the result of a series of rigorous tests and strict laboratory protocols by La Fonte Pad, our chosen supplier. Designed for the most demanding cyclists, this chamois pad guarantees unmatched performance even in the most difficult conditions, such as high perspiration caused by indoor cycling and prolonged stay in the saddle. Comfort, elasticity, excellent breathability, and quick drying are guaranteed by the high quality of the fabric used. Excellent protection at the points of maximum pressure is ensured by high-density foam, shaped with 3X Technology and SAT inserts “