Custom Excerpt
Triathletes need to accustom their muscles and body to a performant but at the same time comfortable position to optimize their aerodynamic position on a time trial bike. Indoor trainers and smart trainers are valuable allies in this process.

Over the course of my career as an athlete, I realized that, especially for a non-professional athlete, the transition from road to time trial bike is anything but painless. In fact, it is not easy to adapt to a new position on the bike and get the body to maintain the correct position, also under stress or in a race. The most important thing is to acquire a sort of awareness of one’s correct position, even when fatigue tends to push us to compensate which distorts our position on the bike. Obtaining this awareness is even easier by using the advantages of indoor cycling.

“Starting from an optimal regulation of the static and dynamic position on the bike is the basis – Niklas Quetri of ASG Bike Science -. As Daniel says, it is important, however, to train in that specific position. The indoor trainer, without all the outdoor distractions such as traffic, traffic lights, hills, and the quality of the road surface, allows you to specifically train the correct position on the time trial bike. It allows you to get used to keeping the upper body in the correct position in terms of aerodynamics, but also in terms of comfort. A good solution is to place a mirror on the side and in front of you when cycling at home and check your position frequently. A valid alternative can also be to have someone take a short video while you are on the bike, even better if this is done during phases of intense effort. In our studio we have a room dedicated to this, with very advanced software and a monitor to have visual feedback in real time. What is important is to check your posture during hard intervals, when you try to simulate the intensity of the race “.